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K2  (Bottled Water Cooler )

The K2 is the latest in Crystal Mountain's pursuit of modern appliance design. It features the revolutionary CrystalFlo™ Water Cartridge which is a removable reservoir system. The CrystalFlo™ can be easily removed and replaced as part of regular sanitization. All water contact components are simply replaced rather than being cleaned, which ensures 100% sanitization. The K2 has been designed with an ergonomic high dispense point, almost 12 inches (30cm) higher than traditional top load bottled water coolers. The recessed water outlet, the increased dispensing rate and the large dispensing area add to an enhanced user experience. The design and look of the K2 will improve customer retention and new customer acquisitions and the CrystalFlo™ water cartridge will simplify the cooler refurbishment process and provide repeat retail sales.

Model: K2 (Bottled Water Cooler): Hot and Cold
LED Indicator Lights and Power Saving Mode Sensor
3 piece base
  Modern Design – sleek and stylish  
  High Gloss Finish – appliance look  
  Increased Flow Rate – 0.65 gal/min (2.5 L/min)  
  High Dispense Point – ergonomic design  
  Large Dispensing Area – accommodates larger refillable bottles  
  CrystalFlo™ Water Cartridge – replaceable reservoir system  
     - 100% Sanitization – all water contact points are exchanged  
     - Reduces equipment handling  
         - Clean In Place (CIP)  
         - Extends product life  
     -  Improves the cooler refurbishment process    
     -  Provides additional revenue opportunity with CrystalFlo™ sales    
  Improved Cold and Hot Water Output – electronically controlled    
  Leak Prevention Design – closed system (requires compatible bottle cap)    
  Air Free Reservoir – closed system means cleaner water    
  Recessed Water Outlet – reduces the risk of cross-contamination    
  LED Indicator Lights    
      - Blue light indicates the system is on    
      - Red light indicates the hot system is on    
      - Flashing Yellow indicates that the CrystalFlo™ needs to be replaced    
  Integrated Cup Dispenser (fits most 9 oz cups)    
  Removable side panels for quick and easy access to all electrical components
  Innovative 3 piece base for improved stability    
  Energy Star Certified – exceeds the new Version 2.0 specification    
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