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Cup Dispenser

     Convenient flip top cover for easy access
     Material:ABS plastic
     Universally designed to fit 7-9.5oz cups
     Colour: white, blue, black



Cup Dispenser for Storm Dispensers

 Crystal Mountain has developed a cup dispenser specifically designed for easy installation on the Storm family of coolers. While most cup dispensers traditionally mount to the sides of the cooler, the Storm cup dispenser is unique in that it is designed to clip into the louvers in the rear panel allowing for more placement options than a traditional cup holder, even multiple dispensers. If, needed, the cup dispenser has a “release button” that allows it to be lifted off of the brackets.
The brackets can be left in place or removed using a flat head screwdriver. The Storm cup dispenser is spring loaded which allows cups to be pushed upward rather than being pulled downward as in traditional cup dispensers. The gasket in the unit has a 2.75” diameter (70mm) which will accommodate many 8 oz cups.
This dispenser is black (color matched to the Storm cabinetry) and sold in a single pack rather than multi-packs.


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