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SmartFlo™ Water Cartridge
100% Sanitization
Simple & Quick: In less than 45 seconds all water contact points are exchanged
Hygienic: All water contact points are exchanged

The unique patent pending SmartFlo™ Water Cartridge guarantees 100% sanitization in minutes for the Crystal Mountain STORM Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser...

Product Dimensions

233.3 mm deep x 130.6mm wide x 318.5 mm  high
(9.2" deep x 5.1" wide x 12.5" high)

Product Weight: 0.23 kg (0.51 Ib)

SUB-C200612 Bulk Box Dimensions 
(package 23pcs SmartFlo™ Kit )
570mm deep x 420mm wide x 680mm high
(22.5" deep x 16.5" wide x 26.8” high)

SUB-C200609 Bulk Box Dimensions 
(package 10pcs SmartFlo™ Kit for container top load)
1140mm deep x 420mm wide x 200mm high
(44.9" deep x 16.5" wide x 7.9” high) 


What is SmartFlo™ Water Cartridge?
The SmartFlo™ is a water cartridge that replaces all water contact parts, quickly changed in less than 45 seconds. 100% sanitisation in less than a minute!
With the SmartFlo™ , the old unit is completely removed from the cooler, and the new one is inserted in its place. This means it's easy to get right – the first time and every time.



Bottle Adaptor Assembly
When you replace the enclosed reservoir & Bottle Adaptor Assembly, all water contact parts are changed!
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