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The Mogul Point-of-Use water dispenser is available in Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold models. The Mogul's round and smooth shape fits into any living space. The contoured drip tray and a clean front complement each other's lines while achieving a usable platform to safely hold most cups. This commercial grade cooler will deliver years of trouble free optimum performance.

Mogul: Cook and Cold or Hot and Cold

Touch Guard®
hot water faucet
Removable drip tray
Hermetically sealed reciprocating Compressor
  Double mechanical float system for reliable operation    
  Secondary float acts as a safety precaution by shutting off water supply    
  Manual reset switch located at top of system for easy access    
       * Green indicates normal function    
       * Red indicates the secondary float has been activated    
  Available in White    
  5 micron air filter    
  ¼ " inlet tube for connection to water supply    
  Touch Guard® handle is standard on the Hot faucet    
  FDA approved self-closing Tomlinson faucets    
  Durable polyethylene cabinet comes with UV protection to prevent fading    
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