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Crystal Pro  
Enjoy purified drinking water that also tastes great with this Crystal Mountain Crystal Pro purified Water dispenser. This product was designed to bring safe drinking water to your facility and fellow associates. Built to work with any filtration system.
Model: Crystal Pro : Hot , Cold and Cook
Hot, Cold and Ambient water faucet
Removable drip tray
cup dispenser
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  Hot, Ambient and Cold water
  Patented design
  3 Gallon holding tank (4.7 gallon total water storage)
  UV light system at last point before dispense
  UV light failure notification
  Stainless steel hot and cold water reservoirs
  Antimicrobial contact points, drip tray and front panel
  Filter compartment – easily removable front access panel
  Auto leak detection with visual and audio alert
  Automatic approach and night lighting
  Illuminated dispense buttons
  Internal RO storage tank
  Electronic/mechanical water level controls
  Integrated Cup Dispense
  Injection-molded ABS plastic front panels
  Scratch resistant Metal side panels and self-supporting frame
  UV activation Light visually simulates the sterilization process
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