Manufacturing Facility
  The world's fastest growing manufacturing region.
  Our manufacturing facility follows strict quality guidelines using state of the art equipment.
Company Profile

Crystal Mountain water coolers are recognized around the world for their high quality, style and performance. Our manufacturing facility follows strict quality guidelines using state of the art equipment. Customer satisfaction and service are top priorities throughout our organization.

The manufacturing facility is located in Southern China, the world's fastest growing manufacturing region. It boasts product assembly lines with built-in testing stations, and engineering, design and research and development departments.

Crystal Mountain has sales and service offices located in Canada and the United Kingdom. We also maintain strategically located distribution warehouses worldwide.

Every component in a Crystal Mountain cooler is rigorously tested under adverse conditions for long-term reliable operation. Individualized bar codes track location and servicing of the cooler throughout its life. The result is a water cooler that provides years of optimum, trouble-free performance.

Our coolers meet the latest in worldwide standards - UL in the USA, CE for Europe, CB and similar marques in Asia. Crystal Mountain is active in Water Cooler Associations worldwide such as WE, IBWA, CBWA and BWCA and meets or exceeds all of their requirements.

Bringing new products to a changing marketplace is another Crystal Mountain priority. Customer-driven design improvements and aggressive market research are cornerstones of the engineering and research programs.

Crystal Mountain offers floor-standing, counter-top and under sink water dispensers both in bottled and Point-of-Use configurations. We are committed to ongoing development that delivers superior products backed by outstanding after sales service on every continent.


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